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1) I have a CD, how do I go about submitting it for airplay?

We receive literally hundreds of CDs each month from artists in many different genres. Our music director and assistant MD's try to listen to each one, whether it's from a major label or produced at home. There is no guarantee your CD will get airplay, but here's the proper procedure you need to follow. Send a copy (one cd is enough) to the following address:

1050 Glenbrook Way Suite 480

Hendersonville, TN 37075

Please indicate what genre the music is on the package, so we can direct it to the right person.

RULES AND REQUIREMENTS prefers music be sent on a CD with the title of each song listed. requires written permission from you to play your songs in exchange for free air-time. WE DO NOT PAY FOR MUSIC! reserves the right to decline materials which may be deemed unsuitable for our listening audience.

Please be aware that no money will change hands. We are simply looking for independent music to play on our station. We will not charge any fees to the artist.

We may provide one link to a website for the sale of your CD (if applicable) free of charge on this website and we ask nothing in return except to be able to add your music to our playlist.

DISCLAIMER: Submissions to the station accepts all solicited or unsolicited material as a public service to the community. is not obligated to play the music or performances, or arrange any personal performances or interviews at local venues or on the air. All tapes, CDs, records, press materials, or other items or media submitted to the station, including photos, are the property of and will not be returned. Artists submitting material to the station declare the material to be original content they are allowing us to broadcast. While accepts all materials for consideration, the decision to air music is at the discretion of station management. By submitting music or other materials to the station, you agree to the terms above.

2) I have an event for a non-profit organization, and I'd like to get a PSA (public service announcement) - what should I do?

 You can email your announcements to Please put PSA in subject line. We unfortunately cannot honor every request for a PSA due to volume, but we run several PSAs every day on the air.


3) I'd like to listen online to - how do I do that and what do I need?

Our audio stream uses the latest in MP3 streaming technology and is compatible with a wide variety of software and media players. Platforms supported include Windows, Mac and Linux. You can use Real Audio, iTunes, Winamp, Windows Media Player and others. 94Hville's streaming audio is offered free of charge. If you encounter problems, please visit "How to listen to 94Hville" under our Home page button.



We are entirely open to new ideas to enhance our freeform programming, though the scene here for new Show Hosts is pretty competitive. Our Program Director will review any demos sent in, and is the point of contact for any kind of interest in getting involved with the station in an on-air context. A basic cornerstone of the audition process for is to get involved with the station's off-air activities (and even then there is no sure guarantee of an airshift). We rely a lot on volunteers to keep the day-to-day office operations continuing; so if you can give us some of your time either at the station or at our various functions (promotions, benefits, sporting events, etc.) that would be a good way to begin. To do volunteer work please contact our Volunteer Director at the email address listed above.

(5) Why Support

Our plan is simple: we create the best station we possibly can, refrain from contaminating it with more advertising than music, and then hope you enjoy it. So far it seems to be working out nicely. We're not likely to get rich this way, but that's not our goal.

Here at we're not anti-commercial. We feel that quality radio programming and advertising just can co-exist. Our business partners have the same goals in mind as we do: quality, original music. We also choose to refrain from forcibly extracting money from you by charging subscription fees. We leave it up to you to decide what if anything our service is worth to you.

Your voluntary support enables us to devote all of our time and energy to making the best station possible - and pays for the bandwidth, equipment and services required to keep the station online.

The amount of your contribution is up to you - based on your opinion of how much you enjoy & what you can afford. You can also now set up ongoing support payments through PayPal if you wish.

We want to extend our sincere thanks to everyone who has contributed so generously to the success of We quite literally couldn't do it without you.

And, as always, we understand that contributing money is just not an option for some of you. That's fine. All streams and services at are open to everyone guilt-free.

Note: unfortunately, contributions to are not tax-deductible.


(6) How can I spread the Word About

Tell a Friend About via Email

An email to a friend is one of the best ways you can spread the word about You can do that using your regular email program, or you can fill in your name & a friend's email address & we'll do it for you.

Talk Up in Social Media, Forums, Blogs, etc.

When you run across an appropriate place to mention - such as music forums like those on, discussions that are about music or radio, websites for artists that are played on, or other appropriate locations - don't be shy about letting people know about Be sure to include our web address in your post.


IMPORTANT: it isn't an accident that we used the word "appropriate" twice in the preceding paragraph. It's important not to spam forums, post on non-music-related sites or site areas, or otherwise annoy people in's name. That'll only reflect poorly on us.

Post or Pass Out Flyers & Cards

We can't afford to mail out thousands of copies of flyers and promo cards, but we'd be happy to provide the artwork for you to print your own. We have artwork for 8.5" x 11" flyers and 3.5" x 2" cards (standard business card size). Please email us with “artwork” in the subject line. You can print out a few flyers to stick up at your local Indy music store or coffee house, or you can have Kinko's print you up a couple of thousand and hit the cars in the parking lot at a local concert. (Just Joking)

We do request that you always ask permission before posting flyers anywhere. We don't want you to get into trouble (or get us into trouble...).


Put a Plug in your Email Signature

Almost every email program lets you add a "signature" to the bottom of all of your outgoing emails. Many 94Hville.comers add a brief mention of along with our web address to their signature. Something like "Check out my favorite radio station: -

Put a Banner on your Website or Blog

All you need to do is choose which size banner you'd like, copy the html code, and paste it onto your site. We ask that you not place our banner on sites which include pornography or other adults-only content.



Safety & Security Concerns:

When sending & receiving your credit card information online we use the standard https protocol that all online commerce sites (Amazon, banks, brokerage houses, etc) use. We do not store your credit card number unless you ask us to save it to make automatic recurring payments.

If we do store credit card information on our server at your request, it's stored in an encrypted form that can only be read by the software that handles the transaction with our online banking service. We have no way to access that data ourselves, even if we wanted to, nor would anyone else who managed to break into our system (which is fanatically hacker-proofed).

We do not ever, under any circumstances, share your email address or any other information about you with any third party - nor do we engage in any kind of email or direct-mail marketing.